Undergraduate Majors & Degrees

Students in CS10 lecture looking at their laptops

Computer Science Major (B.A).

Computer Science is broadly construed at Berkeley to include the theory of computation, the design and analysis of algorithms, the architecture and logic design of computers, programming languages, compilers, operating systems, scientific computation, computer graphics, databases, artificial intelligence and natural language processing. 

Data Science Major (B.A.) 

Designed in collaboration with faculty from across Berkeley, Data Science invests students with deep technical knowledge, expertise in how to apply that knowledge in a field of their choosing, and an understanding of the social and human contexts and ethical implications of how data are collected, analyzed, and used. 

Statistics Major (B.A.)

Statistics equips students with quantitative skills to employ and build on in flexible ways, including an understanding of probability theory, statistical reasoning and inferential methods, statistical computing, statistical modeling, and description, interpretation, and exploratory analysis of data. 

Undergraduate Minors

Computer Science Minor

The Computer Science minor program is open to all Berkeley undergraduates with a declared major other than computer science.


Data Science Minor

The Data Science minor aims to provide students with practical knowledge of the methods and techniques of data analysis, as well as the ability to think critically about the construction and implications of data analysis and models.  

Statistics Minor

The Statistics minor is for students who want to study a significant amount of statistics and probability at the upper division level.