Convening Generative AI leaders

  • Governor Newsom convenes GenAI leaders for landmark summit
  • CDSS celebrates students at inaugural college graduation
  • Meredith Lee discusses AI tools in California with the Associated Press

Advancing open source research

  • UC Berkeley joins ambitious effort to advance open source initiatives across the University of California system
  • Isabel Serrano builds bridges, empowers CSU students to find their PhD path
  • Philip Stark speaks to The Mercury News about counties’ election auditing needs

Experts convene to find AI climate solutions

  • Academics and members of industry gather at UC Berkeley to find climate solutions using AI and physical sciences
  • Berkeley’s computer science graduate program is ranked No. 1 again by U.S. News
  • Research proves using electric vehicles leads to cleaner air

Using AI and economics to innovate healthcare solutions

  • New center is healthcare innovation research-to-impact pipeline
  • Advanced math in high school prepares students for STEM careers, UC Berkeley experts say in op-ed
  • Ziad Obermeyer testified to U.S. Senate Finance Committee on AI and healthcare

What our AI experts are watching in 2024

  • Artificial intelligence was called “the buzzword of 2023" by CNN and referenced in countless media reports. We ask experts what developments they're watching related to AI this year
  • Omar Yaghi wins the Solvay Prize for climate and reticular materials breakthroughs.
  • Lenore Blum is profiled as the "the ‘accidental activist’ who changed the face of mathematics."

A new frontier in open-source, personalized healthcare

  • The College of Computing, Data Science, and Society launches a project to revolutionize the patient experience for millions of people with diabetes
  • The college's new Dean's Fund will support data science innovation that benefits society
  • Global Plastic Policy Tool illustrates a data science center's approach

How to improve AI Safety

  • An expert from the UC Berkeley Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences lectures on the importance of teaching robots to ask humans what they want
  • Berkeley announces a Silicon Valley satellite campus
  • A College of Computing, Data Science, and Society leader says where AI doesn’t belong

This tech leader wants you to stop saying 'AI'

  • A senior scientist at Microsoft's argues artificial intelligence doesn’t exist
  • A UC Berkeley computational precision health scholar shares how AI can address domestic violence
  • A Parkland shooting survivor and data science alum launches an AI wellness platform to help people heal

College to study AI with California agencies, Stanford

  • UC Berkeley's College of Computing, Data Science, and Society is tapped to work with Stanford University and California state agencies to study AI
  • The college announces a new speaker series on artificial intelligence
  • College experts are among TIME’s most influential voices in AI.