Nexus is an organization under the Data Science Undergraduate Studies Division that aims to build community, host industry events, and provide academic support for students. In recognition of the extraordinarily diverse and multifaceted nature of data science, Nexus events and programming are open to students from a variety of domains and backgrounds.

Nexus DS Speaker Series

The Nexus DS speaker series aims to provide students interested in data science an opportunity to explore various sectors in which they can apply their skills. With speakers from various industries including business, tech, health, and government, students can gain an insight on careers in data science.

DataCubs Mentorship Program

Nexus is excited to present DataCubs, a mentorship program for students interested in Data Science. As a member, mentors and mentees will have a chance to grow together and bond through check-ins, networking and social events, professional development, and other curated activities.

If interested in becoming a mentee or a mentor, please apply here(link is external).

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