May 9, 2018

UC Berkeley's Division of Data Sciences, in partnership with the National Science Foundation, the West Big Data Innovation Hub, and Microsoft will be holding a workshop on undergraduate data science pedagogy from July 16 - 19.  Taught by Professor David Wagner, recipient of the Berkeley Distinguished Teaching Award and Data 8 co-instructor, this workshop is intended for faculty in US bachelor’s degree granting institutions, who are actively engaged in developing and offering a data science curriculum.

UC Berkeley has pioneered an innovative undergraduate “Foundations of Data Science” curriculum ( that takes an integrated approach to introductory computer science and statistics, allowing students to use data-driven methods to think critically about the world, draw conclusions from data, and effectively communicate results.  Starting in 2015 with a hundred students and growing to over a thousand per semester in 2017, Data 8 became UC Berkeley’s fastest growing course, serving students from 75 majors across the University.  Curriculum innovation accompanying the course is further developed in domain area “connector” courses that complement Data 8 concepts and “modules” that introduce data science into existing courses across campus.  

Several universities have incorporated aspects of this novel curriculum into their data science programs, including Cornell, Yale, University of Washington, and others.  This workshop is designed to support faculty interested in translating the Berkeley introductory data science curriculum into their own program.

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