January 22, 2019

Did you know that palm oil can be found in everything from the chocolate in your desk at work, to the shampoo that you use at home? Timed with the March 4, 2019 Global WiDS@Stanford Conference, the 2nd Annual Women in Data Science (WiDS) 2019 Datathon challenge is to create a model that can detect oil palm plantations in high-resolution satellite imagery, building awareness about deforestation and oil palm plantations.

Come join us in Berkeley on Saturday, February 2nd for a collaborative day focused on the WiDS 2019 Datathon where you can meet other participants, form teams, learn the basics of participating in Kaggle competitions, and get a jump start on your Datathon submissions with the help of technical mentors and domain experts!

ATTENTION: If you have some knowledge about deforestation, data science, image analysis, or have experience with technical project management, Kaggle competitions, or hackathons in general, come join us as a mentor (Specified on RSVP ticket purchase)!

Mentors only need to be available for some period during the day-long event to float around, sharing wisdom with new and budding data enthusiasts! Mentors can also participate in the Datathon. If you’re also interested in presenting tips and answering questions from participants before the working sprint, let us know! 

RSVP NOW before tickets run out!

Winning teams will be announced at the March 4, 2019 Global WiDS@Stanford Conference that reached 100,000 people last year in more than 150 cities. To learn more about the WiDS 2019 Datathon, visit: https://www.widsconference.org/datathon.html

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