FactGrid is a Wikibase database which provides Wikidata compatible RDF triple statements for Linked Data (https://www.w3.org/). Our Cuneiform project in FactGrid is building language support for all languages written in cuneiform, a writing system used for about 4000 years (from 3200 BCE to 50 CE). We are working with more than 350k documents to build dictionaries for these languages and social network graphs for the people, places, other entities named in these texts. Some of the products we are developing include interactive web apps, and 3D virtual game environments to make this ancient data more accessible. All of our work is open source (CC0).

The main problem we're working on is how to build reproducible workflows for linking four online databases of cuneiform sources (each with more than 100k documents). We're using Python notebooks (ipynb) to harmonize these open source databases (i.e. text formatting), and we are linking the results using FactGrid Cuneiform, which is a triple store (or database for RDF triple statements). Knowledge of Python and SparQL (the query language for Wikidata: https://www.w3.org/TR/sparql11-query/) are highly recommended.

PROJECT TIMELINE: Phase 1 (Week 1-3): Onboarding, SparQL, and Formatting the Data; Phase 2 (Week 4-5): Import and organize the data into FactGrid, a queryable relational database; Phase 3 (Week 6-10): Prototype and refine a front-end Chrome web app, etc. that allows users to interact with the database.

FactGrid Cuneiform Project - Spring 2023 Discovery Project
Spring 2023