Bridging Educational Gaps: UC Berkeley's Data Science Discovery Program Extends DataJam to Local Community Colleges

Feb 18, 2024 | Larissa Yee


With recent strides in technology and information, the demand for data-driven decision-making has skyrocketed across various industries. But what about those who may not have easy access to such opportunities? UC Berkeley’s Data Science Discovery Program has taken the initiative to bridge this gap through its partnership with DataJam.

This semester, UC Berkeley has joined forces with DataJam to extend its reach to local community colleges. Approximately 25 students from Laney College and Skyline College are currently immersed in this semester-long data science curriculum. DataJam guides students through every phase of the data science process. From formulating research questions to data analysis and visualization, participants undergo a comprehensive learning experience. At the program's culmination, students showcase their projects, demonstrating their newfound skills and insights.

Through this program, participants also gain invaluable mentorship from UC Berkeley's undergraduate Discovery Consultants. This mentorship ensures that each student receives personalized guidance and support throughout their journey.

Kyaw, a lead Discovery Consultant spearheading the project, envisions a future where educational opportunities are accessible to all. By partnering with DataJam and initiating the partnership with community colleges, Kyaw aims to democratize data science education: “I believe in empowering individuals through knowledge, and DataJam serves as a bridge to unlock potential in those eager to explore the world of data science.”

UC Berkeley's Data Science Discovery Program's collaboration with DataJam underscores a commitment to inclusivity and education. Through its partnership with local community colleges, the program not only nurtures future data scientists but also fosters a culture of accessibility and empowerment. As the semester progresses, we are excited to see what remarkable achievements these students will undoubtedly accomplish.