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2019 National Workshop on Data Science Education

The College has created a series of workshops to share resources, exchange ideas, and support integration of data science education on and off campus. At the core of these workshops is Berkeley's Foundations of Data Science curriculum, which takes an integrated approach to introductory computer science and statistics, allowing students from all backgrounds to use data-driven methods to think critically about the world, draw conclusions from data, and effectively communicate results.

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Curriculum innovation accompanying the course is further developed in domain area connector courses that complement Data 8 concepts, modules that introduce data science into existing courses across campus, and complementary courses on ethics and human contexts taught by humanities and social science faculty. A cloud-based infrastructure enhances accessibility. Several universities have incorporated aspects of this novel curriculum into their data science programs, including Cornell, Yale, and the University of Washington.

The College organizes workshops throughout the year as well as a summer intensive for Berkeley instructors, and a National Workshop on Data Science Education for educators from around the world. The 2019 workshop drew more participants from more than 60 institutions, including private and public universities, military institutions, community colleges, and high schools. 

2021 California Alliance for Data Science Education Workshop

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