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The HCE program currently offers two undergraduate courses:

Data 4AC: Data and Justice, which fulfills UC Berkeley's American Cultures requirement

Data C104: Human Contexts and Ethics of Data, which fulfills the HCE requirement for the Data Science major and minor

curriculum packages


An HCE Curriculum Package combines a Jupyter Notebook, a set of pre-recorded Mini-Lectures, and a series of Discussion questions to enable students to learn the human and technical lessons simultaneously. The Packages we're currently building -- Twitter/Trump, Cook County Assessor's Office, and Predictive Policing -- were inspired by and designed for UC Berkeley data science courses in mind, but can be used in other classrooms and for on-line teaching.


HCE Toolkit

The HCE Toolkit is set of concepts and methods from Science, Technology, and Society (STS) and History selected to build understanding of the datafied world, helping students to identify where human power structures and value choices get built into technical work, and empowering them to discover how, when, and where they can responsibly and effectively intervene.

data science ethos life cycle

Data Science Ethos Lifecycle

The Data Science Ethos Lifecycle embeds consideration of the human world into every step, from problem formulation to modeling to communicating results. The Lifecycle emphasizes the tools of Positionality, Power, Sociotechnical System, and Narrative and can be used in the classroom as well as by teams of practitioners. Under development in partnership with the Academic Data Science Alliance.

Learn more about Human Contexts and Ethics here.