The Ethos Lifecycle is currently under development. Please check back here for information about its progress or email for more information.

Data Science Ethos Lifecycle

A collaborative project between the Academic Data Science Alliance (ADSA), HCE team at UC Berkeley, and data scientists and social scientists at the University of Washington and University of Virginia.

The Data Science Ethos Lifecycle is a framework for data science practitioners, students, and teachers to integrate the salient human contexts and consequences at every stage of their work.

It embeds consideration of the human contexts and ethics of data directly into the data science workflow, allowing practitioners and students of data science alike to see and experience the worldly dimensions of their practice.

For more information, please read the recently published article in the Journal of Statistics and Data Science Education,  "Data Science Ethos Lifecycle: Interplay of ethical thinking and data science practice," by Margo Boenig-Liptsin, Anissa Tanweer, and Ari Edmundson.