June 2020
Idea Pitched

At the Summer 2020 National Workshop, data science educators across the state discussed the need for creating a California-wide effort for Data Science education.

November 2020
First Board Meeting

The California Alliance for Data Science Education board of UC, CSU, CC Representatives, and met to formalize an agenda for the California Alliance for Data Science Education (CADSE)

February 2021
CADSE Conference

Held a large-scale workshop with 150 attendees including UC Office of the President, the California Department of Education, and Microsoft.

April 2021
Long Term Strategy with UCOP

UCOP discussion on a long-term vision for streamlining articulation in data science, and drafted policy memos addressed to the California Department of Education, and CS Chairs and articulation officers across California.

June 2021
CA Alliance Panel

The 2021 Summer Workshop Featured a CA Alliance Panel where we discussed Data Science efforts at the UCs, the ‘Multiple Department Model’, and long-term goals.

July 2021
Microsoft and CADSE’s Faculty Residency Program Completed

CADSE collaborated with Microsoft to develop a short-term program over Summer 2021 where professors from CSUs and CCCs visited Microsoft’s headquarters. 

September 2021
CCSF Articulated With Data 8

City College of San Francisco’s Math 108 was approved for articulation with UC Berkeley’s Data 8 after numerous discussions with legislative boards and articulation officers.

October 2021
CCC Instructors Community of Practice Workshop  (October 2021):

Held a workshop where CCC instructors shared experiences, and discussed topics including articulation, CID, and certificates.

December 2021
Participated in the CMC^3 and ADSA Conferences

Large scale meeting in the winter with a series of talks by educators in Data Science.

February 2022
Large Scale Community Meeting

Large scale meeting in the winter with a series of talks by state wide educators in Data Science.

April 2022
CSU-Wide Workshop

Presentations from 7 CSU’s covering their respective data science programs. Discussions covering common curriculum, challenges faced by CSU’s, long term goals

June 2022
National Workshop CADSE Panel

Collection of presentations on different new things happening including UCLA’s new Data Theory Collection major, West Big Data Innovation Hub, Data Science Articulation pathway from Skyline College to CSU East Bay

October 2022
Fall Board Meeting

Had a board meeting to brainstorm a UC-wide transfer pathway and one-year plan for CADSE, and discuss the PALiISaDS NSF grant, Learning Lab Grand Challenge. 

November 2022
Transfer Pathway proposed to Academic Senate Committee on Transfer Issues



December 2022
Data Science presentation to CMC3 annual meeting in Monterey CA
February 2023
Annual Winter Meeting

Held CADSE’s annual winter meeting which consisted of a survey of CCC Certificates in Data Science, transfer student research opportunities, and an open discussion on UC Transfer Pathways.

March 2023
March Regents Meeting

Presentation to ASAC Subcommittee of UC Regents  about Transfer Pathway proposal from CADSE