The Domain Emphasis in Environment, Resource Management, and Society explores the interface of economics and policy with ecological and environmental sciences. Topics include climate change, agro-ecology, energy policy, natural resources, sociology and culture.

From the lists shown below, students will select one course from the lower-division, and two courses from the upper-division. The lower division course is a required element of the Domain Emphasis.

Prerequisites shown within square brackets.

Lower Division (select one)

  • ECON C3/ENVECON C1. Introduction to Environmental Economics and Policy (4 units)
  • ESPM 50AC. Introduction to Culture and Natural Resource Management (4 units)

Upper Division (select two)

  • ENVECON 100. Intermediate Microeconomics with Applications to Sustainability (4 units) [ENVECON C1/ECON C3 or ECON 1]
  • ENVECON C101 / ECON C125. Environmental Economics (4 units) [ENVECON 100, MATH 16A+16B]
  • ENVECON C102. Natural Resource Economics (4 units) [ENVECON 100]
  • ENVECON C115 / ESPM C104. Modeling and Management of Biological Resources (4 units) [MATH 16B]
  • ENVECON 141. Agricultural and Environmental Policy (4 units) [ENVECON 100]
  • ENVECON 142. Industrial Organization with Applications to Agriculture and Natural Resources (4 units) [ENVECON 100]
  • ENVECON 145. Health and Environmental Economic Policy (4 units) [ENVECON 100]
  • ENVECON 147. Regulation of Energy and the Environment (4 units) [ENVECON 100]
  • ENVECON 153. Population, Environment, and Development (3 units) [ENVECON 100 or ECON 100A or 101A; DATA C8; MATH 54 recommended]
  • ENERES C100 / PUB POL C184. Energy and Society (4 units) or
  • ENERES W100 / PUB POL W184. Energy and Society (4 units)
  • ENERES 131. Data, Environment and Society (4 units) [Data 8, Math 1A (linear algebra and CS 61A recommended)]   [formerly ENE,RES 190C]
  • ENERES/ENVECON/IAS C176. Climate Change Economics (4 units)
  • ESPM 102C. Resource Management (4 units)
  • ESPM 102D. Climate and Energy Policy (4 units) [ENVECON C1/ECON C3]
  • ESPM 151. Society, Environment, and Culture (4 units)
  • ESPM 155AC. Sociology and Political Ecology of Agro-Food Systems (4 units)
  • ESPM 168. Political Ecology (4 units)
  • ESPM 186. Management and Conservation of Rangeland Ecosystems (4 units)