The domain emphasis in Evolution and Biodiversity explores the origins and evolution of the astounding diversity of life on earth. Topics include the analyses and understanding of diverse data from fossils to genomes from our deep past to better understand our planet today.

From the lists shown below, students will select one course from the lower-division, and two courses from the upper-division. The lower division course is a required element of the Domain Emphasis.

Prerequisites are shown within square brackets.

Lower Division (select one)

  • BIOLOGY 1A. General Biology Lecture (3 units) [Prerequisite: CHEM 1A; Co-requisite: BIOLOGY 1AL]
  • BIOLOGY 1B. General Biology Lecture and Laboratory (4 units)

Upper Division (select two)

  • ESPM/INTEGBI C105. Natural History Museums and Biodiversity Science (3 units)
  • ESPM 108B. Environmental Change Genetics (3 units) [Prerequisites: BIO 1A]
  • ESPM C125 / GEOG C148 / INTEGBI C166. Biogeography (4 units) [Prerequisites: BIO 1B]
  • ESPM 152. Global Change Biology (3 units)
  • INTEGBI / PLANTBI C109. Evolution and Ecology of Development (3 units) [Prerequisites: BIO 1A, BIO 1B]
  • INTEGBI 113L. Paleobiological Perspectives on Ecology and Evolution (4 units)
  • INTEGBI 117 and 117LF. Medical Ethnobotany and Laboratory (2 + 2 units) [Prerequisites: BIO 1A]
  • INTEGBI 141. Human Genetics (4 units)
    • or INTEGBI 164. Human Genetics and Genomics (4 units)
  • INTEGBI 160. Evolution (4 units) [Prerequisite: BIO 1B]
    • or INTEGBI 167. Evolution and Earth History: From Genes to Fossils (4 units)  [Prerequisite: BIO 1B]
  • INTEGBI 161. Population and Evolutionary Genetics (4 units) [Prerequisites: BIO 1A, BIO 1B, MATH 16A]
  • INTEGBI 162. Ecological Genetics (4 units) [Prerequisites: BIO 1B]
  • INTEGBI 169. Evolutionary Medicine (4 units) [Prerequisites: BIO 1B]
  • INTEGBI 172. Coevolution: From Genes to Ecosystems (4 units) [Prerequisites: BIO 1A or 1B]


These course lists are subject to change.