The Social Policy and Law domain emphasis explores the foundations of legal institutions and its intersection with the history and analysis of social policy. Students can study the social construction of law,  the nature of the criminal justice system, and the origins of contemporary social policies, such as health, welfare, and crime policies. 

From the lists shown below, students will select one course from the lower-division, and two courses from the upper-division. The lower division course is a required element of the Domain Emphasis.

 Prerequisites are shown within square brackets.

Lower Division (select one)

  • DATA 4AC. Data and Justice (4 units)

  • SOCIOL 1. Introduction to Sociology (4 units)

  • SOCIOL 3AC. Principle of Sociology: American Cultures (4 units)

Upper Division (select two)

  • GWS 132AC. Gender, Race, and Law (4 units)

  • LEGALST 100: Foundations of Legal Studies (4 units)

  • LEGALST 102. Policing and Society (4 units)

  • LEGALST 123. Data, Prediction and Law (4 units)

  • LEGALST 158. Law and Development (4 units)

  • LEGALST 160. Punishment, Culture, and Society (4 units)

  • PB HLTH 150D: Introduction to Health Policy and Management (3 units)

  • POLECON 111. Poverty and Social Policy (3 units)

  • POL SCI 186: Public Problems (4 units)

  • PUB POL 101. Introduction to Public Policy Analysis (4 units)

  • SOC WEL 112. Social Welfare Policy (3 units)

  • SOC WEL 181. Social Science and Crime Prevention Policy (3 units)

  • SOCIOL 114: Sociology of Law (4 units) [SOCIOL 1 or 3]

  • SOCIOL 148: Social Policy (4 units) [SOCIOL 1 or 3]

These course lists are subject to change.