Transfer Student Support and Mentorship

Beginning the summer before you arrive on campus, Transfer Mentors are available to help as you create your fall schedule, investigate extra-curricular opportunities, plan for internships, and generally guide you as you transition onto campus and into classes by sharing institutional knowledge on diverse topics. 

You should receive an email from your Transfer Mentor in early June (make sure to check your inbox!).

Support Programs for Incoming Students

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Summer Workshops

In the summer before you arrive on campus, participate in the Data Science incoming transfer student workshop program!

  • Ask questions about schedules and classes
  • Build community and connect with other incoming Data Science transfer students
  • Get support preparing for a career in data science

These events will be held both online and in-person. Make sure to regularly check your inbox for event announcements.


Fall Course for Transfers

During your first fall semester you can choose to enroll in a 1-unit course for Data Science transfers. This course supports:

  • navigating campus resources
  • understanding the Data Science major and coursework
  • building community
  • preparing for internships

This course gives you weekly access to academic advising and mentorship from Data Science Transfer Mentors.

More Transfer Student Resources

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Data Scholars

Supporting students with backgrounds underrepresented in the field, the Data Scholars provides support in key Data Science courses, guidance in getting hands-on experience, and community-building with other Scholars. 

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Program Plan Worksheet

Use our worksheet and sample schedules to sketch out your own pathway to graduation. Our academic advisers and transfer mentors are available to help you customize your plan!

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Career Support

The College of Computing, Data Science, and Society provides career support for Data Science students, including help with application materials, interviewing and networking skills, and an industry and non-profit speaker series. 

Data Science Transfer Mentors

Our Mentors are current Data Science majors who work with the academic advising office to support transfer students in their journey at UC Berkeley. These transfer students are passionate about supporting others in their community, whether it's giving tips on how to arrange your schedule, transitioning to the academic rigor of Berkeley, or finding your community on campus.  


Patrick Khoury

Major Data Science

Domain Emphasis Business and Industrial Analytics

Transfer CC Berkeley City College

Major Courses Completed Data 8, Data 100, Data 104, CS 61A, CS 61B, Ind Eng 120, Ind Eng 172

Extracurriculars IM Basketball

Post Grad Plans I hope to work as a Software Engineer or Data Engineer 

Hi! My name is Patrick and I am a senior studying Data Science and I transferred from Berkeley City College. I got interested in data science because I enjoyed working with data and software. In my free time I like to play basketball and watch the Warriors.

Sepehr Khosravi Headshot

Sepehr Khosravi

Major Data Science

Domain Emphasis Psychology

Transfer CC Irvine Valley College

Major Courses Completed  Data 8, CS 61B, Data 100, INFO 188, IND ENG 172, DATA 10 CS 61A

Extracurriculars AI, Product Management TA

Post Grad Plans I aim to work as a product manager or launch a startup

Hey everyone! My name is Sepehr, I am a senior at UC Berkeley studying data science. I spent my first year working in software engineering before deciding to switch career paths to product management. Outside of school, I love basketball, chess, and creating things from scratch. Feel free to reach out to if you need help with anything!

Samaya Mammadsoy

Samaya Mammadsoy

Major Data Science

Domain Emphasis Business and Industrial Analytics

Transfer CC Modesto Junior College

Major Courses Completed Data 8, 61A, 61B

Extracurriculars HAAS Tech Solutions

Post Grad Plans I plan to work in SWE for couple years to gain experience in the industry and later on go back to school for Master's degree

Hi! I'm Samaya, and I am a junior studying Data Science. I got interested in Data Science major because I love problem solving, and it's a field where computer science, mathematics and statistics intersect. When I am not doing schoolwork, I love taking care of my plants, working out, and taking long walks. I am passionate about guiding incoming transfers to make their transitions to Cal smoother, so please feel free to reach out to chat about anything and everything! :)

Mariajose Garcia Morones

Mariajose Garcia Morones

Major Data Science

Domain Emphasis Quantitative Social Science

Transfer CC San Jose City College + Evergreen Valley College

Major Courses Completed Data 8, Data C88C

Extracurriculars CoC at Berkeley, IM Soccer, SJ Earthquakes Community Marketing Representative

Post Grad Plans I hope to be working at a soccer club as a data scientist.

HI! My name is Mariajose and I am a 3rd year. I was previously an education major at my community college but switched to data science after learning more about it. I love problem-solving and data science is just the place for that. I enjoy spending time with my friends and trying new recipes. I don't think that I would be where I am at today without all the help I received, that is why I want to pay it forward and help as many people as I can. Feel free to reach out if you have questions, my email is Hope to see you around campus!


Arushi Sharma

Major Data Science

Domain Emphasis Business and Industrial Analytics

Transfer CC De Anza College

Major Courses Completed Data8, CS61A, CS61B, Data 100, Data 101, Data 144, CS189, INDENG120, Stat 134

Extracurriculars Data Science Society, Team Lead @ DS Modules

Post Grad Plans Interning as a Program Manager

Hi! I'm Arushi, a Senior pursuing Data Science at UC Berkeley and I transferred from De Anza college. As a previous cs and math major, data science was the perfect major that integrated both aspects and has tremendous real life applications. Feel free to reach out to chat about the recent developments in AI, sf bruch spots or cute berkeley study spots! 

Napoleon Vuong

Napoleon Vuong

Major Data Science

Domain Emphasis Business and Industrial Analytics

Transfer CC Foothill College

Major Courses Completed Data 8, CS 61B, Data 100, INFO 188, IND ENG 172, IND ENG 115, DATA 101

Extracurriculars Data Discovery Data Infrastructure Lead, Prior DATA 8 AI and Tutor, Professional Development Technical Workshop Developer for DataStory (Club)

Post Grad Plans Masters in Data Science or Information Management Systems

Hello all! My name is Napoleon and I am a senior transfer student from Foothill College studying Data Science at UC Berkeley. I am interested in data analytics and web development, and love to explore SF! Feel free to reachout to me!